The association

adddal_wordle_cutSince Addal was created in December 1998, the Association of Doctors and Doctoral Candidates of Alsace has guided, supported and praised /defended the cause of Early Stage Alsatian researchers wherever they are, and whatever they undertake.

The association aims mainly to :

  • Promote and encourage contact and relationships between young Alsatian researchers
  • Assist Doctoral Student from Universities in Alsace in launching successful careers by organizing meetings between them and Alumni in professional fields
  • Emphasize valuation of Doctoral work and achievements, bringing awareness to the fact that it should be considered as work experience
  • Encourage scientific information exchange between early stage researchers
  • Defend material and moral rights of early stage researchers, and represent them in various administrative institutions.
  • Attend and assist early stage researchers in all steps of their administrative procedures, whether they are researchers from abroad or not (for housing, contracts, Regional Headquarters (prefecture) etc.)

Further details regarding Addal activities and endeavors are described in the committees tab. They comprise :

  • Leisure and conviviality outings organized as opportunities for young researchers to develop and extend their professional network in a friendly context, at an advantageous rate or free of charge
  • Meetings with professionals from industry that have completed a Doctoral degree
  • Hosting and organizing forums and symposia, with BioTechno network as a partner
  • Representation of young researchers in administrative institutions and the Board of the University of Strasbourg
  • Represent young researchers at the national level, by supporting the Confédération des Jeunes Chercheurs (Early Stage Researcher Confederation)
  • Support elected young researchers in the University council.

Addal Board members meet every month to discuss and review previous Addal events, as well as ongoing and future ones. All members of the Addal association can attend these meetings and contribute if they wish to. We try to invite doctoral school representatives to attend the monthly meetings to encourage sharing and spreading of clear and concise information.

Should you be interested in joining us in efforts, you are welcome to become a member of the association. Annual membership fee is 5€ per person. These funds are used to reduce the costs of our various actions and gain a better and wider scope and visibility and a larger awareness regarding young researchers.

Our association is governed according to local law ( le droit local des association en Alsace-Moselle). Addal is funded mainly by the University of Strasbourg, which has always supported our association. Addal is ruled by the Statutes , and the internal regulations.


Every year, the general assembly is organized, during which the new bureau representatives, comprised of members, are elected.

The association des doctorants et docteurs d’Alsace.