The Survival Guide for the researchers of the University of Strasbourg

Dear members and friends,

We are very thrilled and proud  to present you the result of a collaborative work between StrasAIR and ADDAL, that took a lot of time and effort to put together.

The project was launched by our Interdoc committee last year with the aim to collect, simplify and present in a clear manner the most important and useful information  for new PhD candidates.  Some of the information is specific for international researchers, such as the visa process, but we hope that other sections, such as registering and finding housing, will be useful to all PhDs at the University of Strasbourg.

The information provided is up-to-date as of Octobre 2018 and our team will see that the booklet is updated, corrected and improved on in the future.  If you find incorrect or missing information, please let us know.

Our team really hopes that this PhD survival guide will be helpful.  Do not hesitate to share it with your friends and please feel free to contact us for any further information at We also have a short version of this booklet that we are planning to print and distribute regularly at our events!

Best wishes to all and see you at our events!

The Association of Doctoral candidates and Doctors of Alsace

Download the guide here (click with the right button of your mouse and choose “Save as”).

Addal Guide 2.0