SPEAK IT UP! (February edition)

Dear members,

The February edition of Addal’s monthly language exchange event, “Speak It Up”, will be held this Thursday February 22nd from 7 to 9PM at the European Doctoral College (CDE).

This is a an opportunity for those learning French and English to practice speaking, learn new words and expressions, and meet people from all over the world. Speak It Up events are based on language speed dating: a French speaker and English speaker exchange one-to-one in English, then after five minutes the conversation switches to French.

Five more minutes and its time to switch partners and begin again. Want to continue your first conversation? No problem, at the end of Speak It Up there is time to enjoy refreshments and exchange freely, in any language, with all the participants

This event is free of charge for members, you have to register by filling the form available here. Non-members are welcome to join, but they have to adhere to the association first, it’s only 5€ for the whole year and it gives you access to a plethora of events and advantages!

See you all on Thursday!

Emily, Head of InterDoc committee
at the Association for doctoral candidates and doctors of Alsace