Doctoral Policy

This committee deals with research policies at Strasbourg University and in governing bodies.

  • Local scale: In the region, Addal intervenes and participates in influencing the decisions which are made by the Strasbourg University Research Council. Currently, there is one elected Addal member in session at the council. This ensures permanent and immediate exchange with key representatives and the President of Strasbourg University.
  • National scale: Through the CJC, Addal can influence and take position regarding decisions made by the Ministry of Research. The CJC comprises approximately 40 Early Stage Researcher associations nationwide, and there are meetings every three months in order to raise awareness over important issues regarding the status of researchers.


We also advise PhD candidates and PhDs facing troubles or having questions by organising confidential meetings.

Finally, this committee organises informative meetings opened to all PhDs candidates to discuss laws and recent amendments concerning PhDs.


Last events:

Understand your doctoral contract

Employment in research: from France to Europe

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Current members:

Mathilde Bouché

Alexandre Hardy

Maximilian Leselier

Alessandro Quattropani