Innovation in practice: case studies

Dear members,

You are curious and you want to become an active innovator?

Maybe you are thinking of founding your own company and you ask yourself where to start ?

The Career Development Team of Addal is organising a workshop so you can discover practical innovation as it’s nowadays used in change in companies.

The hours are going to be validated as Transversal Training with the Doctoral School !

Wednesday 15th of November from 10h30 to noon, Anna Dyngosz, consultant and trainer in transformation in companies, comes from Paris to share her international experience in change management.

She holds an MBA from the London Business School. She founded, and co-founded Lean Startup Experience, a nonprofit association that aims to help entrepreneurs succeed (

During this workshop, we will focus our discussion on the three themes.

  1. Where do ideas come from? Are inventors geniuses, displaying exceptional creative productivity? Or is the process of innovation a slow and iterative one?
  1. Innovation in practice : how large companies innovate today and what process they follow to generate, select and develop ideas? What are the challenges and opportunities of this process?
  1. How startups innovate : why agile new businesses seem to have a better ability to produce breakthrough products and services?

During the workshop, we will also have the opportunity to practice selected concepts by becoming a founding team of a startup and defining our future business model.

  • Date: 15th November, 2017
  • Location: Seminar room at the CDE
  • Time: 10h30 – 12h00
  • Language of the workshop: English
  • Fees: Free of charge, Addal membership not required but you can join if you feel so, it’s here :

To register for this event, follow this link :

We hope to see you there!!

The Career Development Team

at the Association of Doctoral candidates and Doctors of Alsace

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